It is trusting the process I am getting stuck in the mud with not trusting God with the outcome. Take adhd, trying to ff through everything and Gods saying hey look out the window don’t just rush the ride. Hmmmm


I want to be one with nature, not just man

He didn’t sacrifice his life for me to turn around and be a slave for the same reasons in mine, no coincidence. Wow, that took me a minute, ha

Thanks Bibbi for the tally ho BR#1, talk about a gentle wake up call haha

Hurricane Chatter

when it starts to become a thing, despite ignoring the potential yet doing minimum efforts that are just required in case because people are animals after word has been whispered, it becomes like a macgyver/spring cleaning/treasure hunt in my house 🤣

Florida employees excited for Labor Day weekend, universe sends hurricane

Need to stop doing shadow work this time of year haha